Edmond Neighborhood Alliance is a voluntary partnership of neighborhood organizations throughout Edmond, committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for Edmond homeowners, inside and outside the borders of their neighborhoods.

Edmond Neighborhood Alliance, established in 1994 is a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Oklahoma and is registered by the IRS as a 501C Corporation.



  • Quality neighborhoods are the source of Edmond’s strength, and their success and vitality are the foundation on which Edmond will build its future.
  • Involved, informed residents preserve and enhance the quality of their own neighborhoods.
  • Municipal policies and actions can and do impact the quality and stability of our neighborhoods.
  • Strong, viable neighborhoods are critical to the long-term success of the Edmond community.
  • Neighborhoods working together, and with municipal government and civic groups, create the synergy and quality of life that make Edmond unique.



  • Assist in the formation and/or organization of neighborhood and homeowner associations. Strengthen neighborhoods by encouraging resident participation in neighborhood activities and associations.
  • Empower neighborhoods and their residents by educating and informing on issues and processes that affect them.
  • Provide a central organization for the purpose of exchanging information and ideas for the common good of neighborhoods.
  • Expedite communication and cooperation among neighborhoods to achieve common purposes and solve common challenges.
  • Promote safety, crime prevention and beautification among neighborhoods.
  • Encourage resident and neighborhood involvement in local government, civic organizations, and the Edmond Community.
  • Participate in events that will improve community and neighborhood relationships.
  • Monitor, participate with and advise governmental, civic and business organizations on issues impacting neighborhoods.
  • Promote actions that preserve and enhance the quality of life for neighborhood residents.